Thursday, May 16, 2019

Math V Respect


You can teach Math to all the kids and not every kids getting it. The same applies in teaching respect, kindness etc.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Protest - A short story attempt

For any negative outcomes, why does the mind always tries to find a reason to blame the others ?

Well perhaps, it is just want to move on with confidence.

The story begins 

The hero of this story is at his 22, another VIP from one of the moderate paid university and most importantly a free 4G customer of big telecom company. He has a wonderful family like the Manik's in the Tamil movie Baasha and recently moved to a town where people are protesting against the armed government for some reasons. Past one week he has been receiving messages about the protest from all of his e-social groups.

In one of the Whatsapp group he received a message from his friend Mr. X

"Democracy is not working for people. The government is trying to kill our future and now is the time to show our power. Whoever is not coming for today's protest are cowards and will be called as zombies. I am going so does you - Your friend"

He decided to go since he is the hero.

He reached the protest area at right time and there were plenty of people marching towards the collectorate. Near the gate an armed policeman asked the protesters to disperse, otherwise he has to obey the shooting order.

Mr. Y from the crowd replied the policeman saying

"The number of bullets you had is not enough to shoot all of us. You are out numbered. Don't threat us."

Some of the anti-cool guys from the last rows has pushed the crowd and the people in the front are forced to move forward. The policeman rised his arm and gave his final warning. The crowd has not stopped and the Murphy's law worked.

Suddenly the bullets came from all the directions, and yes it was a master plan. Due to unavoidable survival instinicts people started dispersing as fast as they can. More than 13 people died on the spot.

The next day Mr. X came to hospital to see our injured hero and asked

"Why the hell you went there ?"

and the story ends.

I want to move on with confidence so I underlined.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Some one cloned my android application from the Google Play store and published the same in the Play store

Stealing is not right. I searched google for a solution and found the useful blog 

The blog suggest me to make a Gentleman's move first by writing an email to the appropriate party about their violations. It also suggest me to inform to the Playstore as a further step.

I decided to register a complaint on the Playstore first and also wrote an email to the person who cloned my app. I never received a reply from that person.

Trust me Google team actively working on the removal of the contents that are violating the policy. All we need to do is inform the activity to the Google.

Here is what I did.

I got the Link to register the complaint from the blog.

The link prompt me few questions.For all the questions, we have to choose the appropriate answers, I mentioned what I chose

Q1. What Google product does your request relate to?
          Google Play: Apps

Q2. What can we help you with? 

       I have found content that may violate my copyright

Q3. Are you the copyright owner or authorized to act on his/her behalf?

       Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf

Q4. What is the allegedly infringing work in question?


I read the instructions and clicked on the form link(this form) present in the last line.This is the main form that reports the alleged copyright infringement

Section 1 : Contact Information 

                 I entered all my information

Section 2 : Your copyrighted work
            2.1  Identify and describe the copyrighted work

                  This is description box, where we can explain our concerns.
                  I mentioned the my issue like the following

                  Application Content.

                  I created the application named "<APP NAME>" in playstore  


                  Some one copied my entire Application code and published 

                  the  similar one named "<CLONED APP NAME>"  with logo 
                  and locale changes in playstore


            2.2 Where can we see an authorized example of the work?
                 My application link in the play store

Section 3 : Allegedly infringing material 

              3.1 Location of the allegedly infringing material   
                  Cloned application link in the play store
              3.2 Attachment
                   I attached a screen shot of a cloned app.

Section 4 : Sworn statements
                 I read all the statement and checked all the check boxes.

Section 5 : Signature
                 Typed my name

I read the terms and verified all the information and clicked Submit button. Then I saw the confirmation message and received the acknowledgement email to the address given in Section 1

September 13 2017 - I filed a complaint.

September 15 2017 - Google team replied with the the message saying that the content I mentioned violating their policies and they will be working on removing from the services
. The same day the cloned app is removed from the play store.

Please make a note that mis-using above forms
will also be consider as violation of policy.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

It is true that Laptops prices are cheaper in America than India

Last Monday I bought my second Laptop with good configurations for the price $811.86

This product current price in India is ₹119,478.00 with 8GB RAM. I bought this in Dallas.I am happy about that I am lucky to get it for ₹52,715

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Impact of A.P.J Abdul Kalam

27 July 2015 , a message was spreading like anything, I was outside and got a call from my sister in the evening,

She :  Did u know the news ?
Me  :  What happened ?
She :  In news channel, they are telecasting the death news of Abdul Kalam.
Me  :  ....

After few minutes, there was a complete silence  in my mind.Here silence is  some kind of pain , I don't know how to express in words.

After a long time I asked question to myself

 "What this man did and why I can't digest the news?"

 Might be because ,
   In school I studied his book content as a subject
   In school days, I had an aim of become a scientist like him
   He is the former president of India
   He is one of the man from my state I can proud about

Any form of the reason silence remains the same.I had decided to stand on his words.

 "We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us"

"The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers" 

"Mudiyaathu Endru Nee Solvathai Ellaam Yaaro Oruvan Engo Seithu Kondu thaan Irukiran" (Someone is doing what you think that you can't do)

   - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Man of Steel movie quote

Movie dialogue that makes me think. Man of steel 

Father Leone tells to Clark kent : "Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first, the trust part comes later"

Yes I think..

One man was showing his 6 year old cousin their location in Google Maps.
On seeing the blue spot, child calmly asked, "Where am I here? I can't see! Where are you?" 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Parallel::ForkManager - Parallel Processing of a Perl script

 I recently used Parallel::ForkManager  perl module in one of my project.I was quite impressed by this module.By using this module it is very easy to do parallel processing where ever it needs.

My task :  Process thousands of client profiles information and store into a Database.

Approach : Form perl data structure to each profile and pass it to a subroutine that taken care of Database insertion part.

 So Every time when a profile Data structure has been formed , it has to wait till the completion of profile insertion part.

Stub :

my @responses; 
my $total_profiles = scalar @profiles;

for ( 1 .. $total_profiles ) {
    my $profile = shift @profiles;
    # form appropriate structure of $profile
    my $response =  storeProfile($profile);
    push(@responses , $response);

print Dumper \@responses;

#storeProfile subroutine has DB operations.

How Parallel Fork Manager helps to do it parallely 

use Parallel::ForkManager;
$max_process = 5;  #carefully  choose this number;

Carefully  choose max process because if your system is busy and it has more number of applications running , choosing a big number will affect other process.Parallel fork manager will create that many number of child process so each process will try occupy the cores.There is chance of system hang.

It is the advantage of the module, your script runs parallel y and make use of all cores.So the entire operation will be faster.

 In my task subroutine storeProfile runs parallel y  by 5 child process.So the speed of process will increase by 5 times

Assume that storing one profile took 0.5s 
without Parallel::ForkManager 1000 profiles will take 500s
with Parallel::ForkManager 1000 profiles will take  100s
(if max_process is 10 then 1000 profiles will take  50s

$pm = new Parallel::ForkManager($max_process);
my @responses; 
$pm->run_on_finish(    # called at the end of child_process completion 
       sub {
           my ($pid, $exit_code, $ident, $exit_signal, $core_dump, $response) = @_; 
          # retrieve response  from child
           if (defined($response)) {   
                push(@responses , $response);

my $total_profiles = scalar @profiles;

foreach ( 1 .. $total_profiles ) {
     my $profile = shift @profiles;
     # form appropriate structure of $profile
     $pm->start and next;
     #following code will run by child process
     my $response = storeProfile($profile);
     $pm->finish(0, $response); 

$pm->wait_all_children; #wait till all the child process completes
print Dumper \@responses;

Note : 
       * Before start using this module, one should be aware of selecting the number of process.

       * It is not good  to use this module when the script runs as a server that handles the request.

For example , if you try to create 5 process from the script , for each request it will create 5 process, if 10 parallel request comes than 5 * 10 process will create, Its a kind of Fork Bomb.Server will hang.

I would suggest to use Parallel::ForkManager in a stand alone script.

Reference :